Apple Macbook Pro i7 2010 17 inch 128 SSD 8 GB RAM fan noise howling hissing lüftergeräusch test

so… i am very content with my new mid2010 macbook pro …. very fast ….. the only thing thats annoying is this repeating noise coming from the fans…. for me it sounds a bit like ….howling…..abrading …..not sure how to describe it. its a repeating, unsteady noise. it wasn’t there in the beginning, it started more or less 8 – 12 days after purchasing the macbook. sounds like one of the fans is not right balanced. in the beginning the macbook was nearly completely quiet …. and if there is a bit „natural ambient noise“ its ok. but in a quiet room, like in a library or at home … it makes my ears crazy. as you can see in the istat widget, the fans are running normal with around 2000 rpm, temp is normal too, no program running except final cut recording. i guess i try to contact a apple shop asking them to exchange the fans. mein macbook macht komische, heulende geräusche. ich nehme mal an, dass es einer der lüfter ist. am anfang war er komplett leise, aber nach etwa anderthalb Wochen fing er an mit diesem unregelmässigen, heulenden Geräusch. es ist nicht wirklich laut, aber an einem ruhigen ort, wie in eine Bibliothek oder zu hause ist es echt nervend.
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